How to become a London taxi driver

For many people working in a London taxi all day or night can seem an annoying, tiring or very hard to do job but for some it’s the right job to do or even their dream job. In this article we will try to offer the right guidance for those of you who want to become a London minicab or taxi driver. The difference between these two is that the minicabs must be pre-booked while taxis can be stopped in the street.

You have to know that if you want to become a driver in the outskirts of London you need to get a yellow badge license and if you want to do your job in the city you will need a green badge license. There aren’t any other differences between these two except the zone you are allowed to profess.

Firstly you have to be at least 21 years old and we have to mention that there is no upper limit. You can apply even if you are 80, but of course if you are able to pass the other regulations like for example the medical exam. Secondly your driving license must be at least 3 years old and you have to be able to live and have the right to work in the UK. After that the Disclosure and Barring Service must do a thorough check on your criminal records. Last but not least you will have to do a Topographical Skills Test. What is this all about? Well, this test is set to put your map reading and route finding skills to the test. Here are a few requirements for the test: you must be able to read and write in English, you have to know which counties border London, you need to recognize important hospitals, stations, districts and others, you have to be capable to plan routes in Greater London and for example what motorway you should use to get to a neighboring town. There are many centers that are accredited to asses, train and offer you all the support you need for the Topographical Skills Test.

Even if you have disabilities you can still apply and become a London minicab or taxi driver but of course there are some special criteria that have to be met or modifications to the car like hand managed braking controls, reconfigured pedals or infra-red control panel for horn or lights. Of course these modifications must be made by a certified company and the drivers would have to be evaluated by someone with medical knowledge and a driver assessor.

Does all this seem too hard to do or too difficult or too complicated? Well it sure wasn’t too complicated for the thousands and thousands of drivers out there and for sure this number will only continue to rise because this job has its rewards and for the people who love to drive or to be in contact with other folk this is the job for them.