Private Hire Services – Convenient and Easy Way to Travel

Private Hire Services – Convenient and Easy Way to Travel

Private Hire Services – Convenient and Easy Way to Travel

Private hire services is a great option for people who undertake a trip to a foreign country and need to travel around a city they aren’t familiar with.

These services offer airport transfers and transport to various destinations of your choice.
Private hire services can be booked in advance or as soon as you arrive. However, most people prefer to arrange this matter beforehand, so that everything is taken care of when they are in the city. You can choose the type of vehicle you will travel with – a luxury limousine, a standard car or a van in accordance with your needs and preferences.

Private Hire ServicesThe cab will wait for you at the airport and take you to your hotel. You can also use it to travel from one place to another. Private hire is a convenient and secure service that will make your trip pleasant and free of troubles because you won’t have to worry about arranging transport. You can be sure you will arrive on time, you will be safe, you won’t get lost in a city you are unfamiliar with and you won’t pay too much money for the service.

Many people prefer using private hire because the service is specially customized for their needs. The service is often cheaper than traditional taxis and is much more secure. Your driver will accommodate to your schedule and you won’t have to deal with any transport matters.
The service is suitable for both business trips and family vacations. You can hire them for short trips or for longer journeys. You just need to call ahead and to arrange the service. The vehicles are always clean and comfortable, and the drivers are trained and friendly.
Transport is a serious issue when you travel abroad but private hire services can make your stay more comfortable and more pleasant.

Private Hire Services – Convenient and Easy Way to Travel

Wonderful Minicabs London Services

Wonderful Minicabs London Services

Minicabs London services are a great way to travel around the city when you visit it as a tourist or you are on a business trip. These services allow you travel conveniently in a foreign country without worrying about your security and enjoyable vacation.

Transport is a serious issue for everyone who travels abroad. You don’t know the city, you may not know the language but you want your visit to run smoothly and without troubles. That is why you should opt for minicabs London services. Book a minicab in advance just like you book your flight and hotel, and you will ensure you won’t get lost. You will be able to travel around the city and visiting many places. The drivers of the minicabs know the city perfectly and have extensive experience, so you can be sure you will reach your destination. Your trip will be easy, convenient and comfortable.

minicabs London Minicabs are also a quite secure way to travel across the city. It can be really scary and frustrating for people who are not familiar with the routes. However, by choosing to use a minicab you can be sure your will reach your destination safe because the drives are not only experienced in secure driving but are also trained to protect the passengers.

Minicabs London services are perfect if you travel with a group of people, such as your family. There are vans that are suitable for larger groups, so that you can travel together. This means you don’t have to hire a few traditional cabs as you can all fit in the minicab.

Minicab services in London are easy to hire and book. You can contact them online or by phone, and some companies offer special mobile applications for people who use mobile devices. They are fairly and reasonably priced, they are reliable and convenient. Take advantage of them to enjoy a great stay in London.

Private Hire Services – Convenient and Easy Way to Travel

Why Choose Minicab Services Instead of Standard Taxis?

Why Choose Minicab Services Instead of Standard Taxis?

People have being using taxis to travel from one place to another but recently minicab services grow more popular and preferred.

This is due to the numerous advantages of minicabs over taxis. Minicab services are actually similar to traditional taxis but they tend to be cheaper and more convenient. Hiring a minicab in advance will save you time, efforts and money.

The cheapest price of minicab services is the main reason why people prefer them over traditional taxis. Typically, the standard cabs will be too costly for short distances and really expensive for longer trips. On the other hand, minicabs have a fair pricing system and they charge reasonably, so most people can afford these services.

Minicabs are also very convenient to hire and use. Most companies that offer minicab services provide easy and simple online or phone booking. You just need to select the point and time of departure. Thus, you can be sure you will arrive on time for your scheduled events.

Minicabs offer high quality service at reasonable prices. The drives are licensed and friendly; they know how to get from one place to another and how to find the quickest route to your destination. Minicabs are clean and neat, and they offer high level of comfort that traditional taxis often lack. The minicab services are available and trusty. Once you hire a cab, it will take you everywhere you want. These services are a much better choice than public transport and standard taxis because they combine affordability, reliability and convenience.

Minicab services are appropriate for both short city trips and longer journeys outside the city. They are a great option if you need to travel from an airport and train station to your hotel. You can be sure you will arrive on time, without any troubles and without having to pay small fortune for the service.

Private Hire Services – Convenient and Easy Way to Travel

London taxis and private hire industry – Did you know?

London taxis and private hire industry – Did you know?

We have tried to gather a few interesting aspects of the private hire industry in London and hope that will intrigue and please you. Many of us guess, more are talking about but few know that:

1) To be a London black cab driver you have to know around 25.000 streets and approximately 50.000 attractions? The test that you have to pass it is called The Knowledge and it’s the most difficult course in the world for taxi drivers. Usually you need almost 3 years to prepare for it.

2) The famous London black cab does not have to be black? Other colors like green, white, blue and red are allowed.

3) Until 1976 the minicabs in London were obliged to have a stack of oats and a bale of hay – although many are saying that this is only a myth.

4) One of the requirements of a cab is to be tall enough to support a person that is wearing a bowler hat.

5) There is a difference between taxis and minicabs. Taxis can be hired from a taxi rank or stopped in the street. Minicabs or private hire vehicles can’t be stopped or hailed in the street and need to be booked in advance.

6) Contrary to other locations where the private hire sector functions on a fleet basis, almost all taxis in London are owned by the driver and essentially are independent firms.

7) That in the last update from 2013 in London there were approximately 25.000 black cab drivers and around 67.000 private hire drivers.

8) One of the oldest regulations dating from 1906 demands that a black cab must make a full turn in a 7.6m or 25 feet circle. That is because the cabs must be able to navigate some of the narrowest streets of London.

9) The first recordings of what we call today a taxi ride where registered around the early 1600’s. That is when horse-drawn carriages began to be hired to take people from a place to another.

10) By this day there are only 3 kinds of black taxis that can be produced and are approved by the Metropolitan Police and Public Carriage Office: the Asquith, Fariway and Metrocab and that is because the cars must comply with strict rules in design and functionality.

11) The age of the oldest driver is known to be 92, working for 75 years in this industry.

12) In London it is forbidden to transport a corpse or a rabid hound.

13) In Latin the term taxa means charge and from it, derives the word taximeter.

14) The name ‘taxicab’ occurs from the mix of taximeter and cabriolet.

We are sure that still many fun facts are out there to be discovered about the London cabs and private hire industry and we invite you to tag along and add yours and if the discussion will be interesting for everyone maybe we will try to assemble fun facts about taxicabs all around the world.

Private Hire Services – Convenient and Easy Way to Travel

London Taxis and Private Hire History Part 2

London Taxis and Private Hire History Part 2

After the end of the war the need for new taxis has risen almost immediately. Private hire; london taxiSomehow Nuffield almost foreseen this and they were prepared because in all the years that the industry was dead they tested a prototype. And so in 1947 the Oxford cab sold by Beardmore was introduced. In 1948 the new Austin FX3 started to rule the industry and the private hire business was up and running again.

In 1954 Austin started producing a four-door chauffeur driven car called FL1 and consolidated its position on the market. Meanwhile Beardmore launched MKVII but with little success because the sales were very low. This move lead to the decline of Beardmore and by 1967 the company wasn’t selling cabs anymore. By 1958 Austin created and refined their new big hit the FX4. Almost certainly the most popular of all London cabs, the FX4 stayed in constant manufacturing, with several adjustments and five distinct motors, for 39 years and this is not because it was an outstanding car, on the contrary it had many issues, but simply because none of the big players from the taxi manufacturing industry did not find the finances to replace it.

In 1963 The Winchester cab appeared. It was the first taxi that used a full body made of fiberglass and it stayed in production for 9 years.

Basically the private hire business was in need and demanded a new taxi. To the rescue came Metro-Cammell-Weymann who in 1987 released the Metrocab. In 20 years of manufacturing the model had four ‘masters’. The last one Kamkorp, halted the manufacturing in 2006 but had plans to keep on improving the taxi. From 2008 we have no new news about the Metrocab.

In 1994 equipped with a diesel engine by Ford, The Asquith came out, but because the price was extremely high only about a dozen were sold in London and the company dissolved in a couple of years. Another failure was the TXII, who replaced the popular FX4 and was equipped with a Ford engine.

The most recent cab allowed to be used in London relies on the Mercedes-Benz Vito MPV. It has caused lots of controversies in the private hire business because it doesn’t resemble with a standard London taxi but it compensates through its space and comfort. The original vehicle can’t make the well-known full turn in 7.6 meters but by using the rear wheel steering technology this isn’t an issue anymore.

It is certain that the history of the London taxi can’t be told in a few pages because it is like a whole universe, taking into consideration that the laws that govern the trade have almost 400 years and the story has its own twists and turns like for example in 1654 The Fellowship of Hackney Coachmen was established, but in no more than 3 years Oliver Cromwell disbanded them because they grew too strong. Who knows? Maybe if this wouldn’t happened, today London would be governed by The Fellowship.